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                FULL NAME OF THE ENTERPRISE: Xi'an GuangSu Computer Information Technology Co., Ltd.
                TIME OF FOUNDATION: Founded in July 2007, registered in May 2009.
                ENTREPRENEURIAL SPIRIT: Ideal Zeal Upward Onward
                CORPORATE WEBSITE: www.izuo.com
                GLOBAL DIVISION: USA, France, Germany, South Korea, Hong Kong, Canada (in planning)
                NUMBER OF STAFF: 52 full-time employees.
                MAIN BUSINESS: Global purchase High quality
                BUSINESS INTRODUCTION: Collecting high-quality products with cutting-edge technology backgrounds in the world, and introducing them into
                      the Chinese market through cooperative research and development, brand agency and OEM. Relying on the company's ten-year Internet
                      e-commerce channel, it helps the global good goods to quickly become hot in China's major e-commerce platforms.

                COMPANY MISSION: To collect good global products for the Chinese, and to promote the Chinese market for good global products.


                Here, we are together and strive together for the same dream.
                Although there is no innate aura, thank us for having a heart of love.
                Together, we are a family, happy to work together to grow just like brothers and sisters.
                Life may not be beautiful in fairy tales, but we believe that we will embrace poetry and places afar.
                Climbing through the snowy mountains and the jungle together, the further the journey is, the closer we are to our hearts.
                CroLet us join hands to meet the lightning and thunder, dance in the storm, sharpen the tough wings, and fly for tomorrow.
                Take the speed of light to chase the bright red sun at dawn, climb the peak of life, and honor the glory.


                GuangSu IZUO Ten Years Dream Theme Song MV


                The average age of the GuangSu IZUO team is 27 years old. It is a young team with dreams, vigor, exploration spirit and hard work.
                Ten years of hard working, stay true to the original mission, set sail again, continue to struggle, and create greater glories!



                As a leading e-commerce company in China, GuangSu team is always looking forward to your participation.
                If you have a dream, if you work hard, contact GuangSu, and GuangSu will start entrepreneurship with you.
                If you master overseas cutting-edge technology, have high-quality product resources, and have the willingness to enter China's billion-dollar market, contactGuangSu, we will help you expand the market in China and look forward to working with you to achieve win-win outcome!
                We cherish every talent, we value every cooperation partner!


                Beilin District, Xi'an, Shaanxi, China
                Changxin Lingxianguoji, the middle section of Nanguan Street


                Talents Wanted:R@izuo.com
                Corporate cooperation:S@izuo.com


                P: 0086-29-85258236
                F: 0086-29-85258236